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In 1984 at the age of 30 something, I heard
"Mama He's Crazy" & "Why Not Me" ...
I knew I was hearing something very special.
Then, in 1985 came "Girls Night Out" & I could
not wait to see what the Judds looked like.

Not since The Everly Brothers 45rpm records, which I
played over & over on my sparkley blue and white
record player in the 50's, had I heard that
mesmerizing blending of voices & magnificent harmony.
(and how I loved their music in the 50's & 60's
& learned harmony & a love for country music from them.
They made my entire Fan Fair trip in '88 when they
unexpectedly emerged on stage & performed!
It was, along with seeing the Judds, the pinnacle of my vacation)

The lyrics to the Judds songs, the angelic harmony and the
melodies knocked my socks off & moved into my heart.
I was hooked & in good company!

Too old for the new hard rock, tired of the oldies,
had enough of the 70's ... this music was made for me!
It talked to all of us who listened, and we learned,
we shared, we sang and we couldn't take our eyes off of them!

The Judds music has a way of unlocking that magic
that music unfolds when it wraps around your dreams ...
and takes you on a beautiful journey.

I saw Naomi & Wynonna at Fanfare '88 & could not wait to visit
Nashville again. It is a spectacular city.

... On October 17, 1990,
Steve & I loaded the car with homemade turkey sanwiches,
our suitcases & the excitement of our first sojourn to Nashville
together. Along the way - somewhere in Virginia, we heard the
announcement over the radio ...
"The Judds were breaking up!".

I nearly drove off the road! How could this be? I was dazed.
We kept driving, all the excitement knocked out of me -
bewildered at the bizarre timing of it all.

But, we had a terrific time in spite of it and we managed to
see The Judds in concert several times, including the time we
saw them at Trump Castle in Atlantic City and we sat at the
table next to The Donald & Marla. I thought that was pretty funny!
Boy, I sure had to roll up a big bribe in my hand to get decent
seats! But I enjoyed every minute of each live concert and still
recall the excitement of seeing these beautiful, talented women.

"River Of Time" helped to ease the pain of my fathers death
and will always be special to me.
It does flow on ... and we survive.

Thank you Naomi & Wynonna for the musical ambrosia.
It was a hell of a trip!

Here's How to Get The SHEET MUSIC You Have Been Asking For!
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    The opening music is "Born To Be Blue"
    There are other Judds midi's ...
    but the others are awful in my opinion - so I left them out.
    Contrary to many midi sites, "Talk'n Bout Men" is a Forester Sisters song,
    not a Judds song. But, Judds fans already know this!

    My husband, Steve, my mom and I saw the Sunday 2/20/00 EB Show
    at the Hilton in Atlantic City. I am still so excited that their
    next show in August cannot arrive soon enough. I waited a life time
    to see them perform live and was not let down.

    In a treasured box of assorted memories lay several very worn out
    burgundy colored Cadence 45rpm records that for me as a young girl
    (born in 1951 ... okay, so now you know!), began a lesson in harmony
    and an appreciation for music that only two people in
    the world could have provided.

    When they came onto the stage the other night, I thought to myself
    that if they simply stood there and did nothing I was most
    certainly privileged to be in the same room as they - not only
    for what they have accomplished in bringing to the musical world,
    but for how they influenced my love for finding the harmony in
    every song I have ever sung in the shower and the car!
    (I actually sang harmony in a high school band for a while!)

    The Everly Brothers music has been there my entire life - they are
    where it began for me. To have the honor of hearing their voices
    while seeing them perform live was like finally living the dream
    of a lifetime and coming full circle. It was my way of telling
    them "thank you" for the lessons in harmony, for always being
    able to understand their words, for the hours and years of
    enjoyment this loner child spent moving the needle on the
    record player back to the beginning of the 45 ... and for being
    with us on Sunday night to help us all remember - and take a
    moment to go back while we rejoiced in the present.

    The show was wonderful, the music itself was overpowering at
    first when they opened with a Kentucky Trilogy (Green River,
    Kentucky & Bowling Green). I think I just wanted to hear them
    so badly and it was somewhat difficult for several minutes
    only as we sat in front of the speakers. But they were clear as
    harmonic bells ringing in celebration and a celebration it was.

    My mother said she thought the gentleman next to her was going
    to hurt himself as his head bopped up and down with every
    familiar note. I noticed much of the audience at first made
    little effort in keeping the beat or attempting to rejoice in
    my level of elation. However, by mid show, they were cheering
    with exuberance and clapping with all their might! The applause
    grew more exhilarated as they realized and acknowledged what
    the fans have always known. Several standing ovations later,
    I am sure every soul in that room knew they were receiving an
    extraordinary gift from the leaders of the pack. Home grown
    American treasures that truly have transcended time because
    genuine quality and perfection never spoil or diminish and
    never let you down. Like a precious gem, the Everly Brothers
    will shine at any age, in any time because they are the rarest
    and the sweetest of all our melodious treasures.
    -- Firewife

    The following article By Justin Willis,
    ... "The Everly's have had an incredibly successful musical career,
    breaking music industry records as fast as they could cut a new
    single. The list of Everly achievements is extensive.
    In the first five years of their career, from 1957 through 1962,
    the Everly Brothers hit the Top 10 of the singles chart 15 times,
    and sold more than 35 million records. A total of 32
    Everly Brothers singles made it on to the Billboard charts during
    the course of their career."

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