Providence House: Avian Rescue, Adoption, Support & Education
Parrot World: HUGE list of links! Education, Pet Names & a lot more!
The Parakeet Webring: Listing of over 40 Sites dedicated to Parakeets!
Birding in Pennsylvania: Audubon in PA, Conservation & Birdwatching
Bird Addict's Web Ring: Over 100 Bird Lovers Sites for all Species.
The Parrot Ring: For Parrot Lovers ... tons of sites here!
The Macaw Ring: If you want to know about these beauties, check these sites.
Grey Parrot Ring: African Grey Parrots and the people who love them!
Birdie Ring Of Chirps & Tweets: Nearly 100 sites dedicated to exotic birds!
The Conure Ring: Many, many great sites for Conure lovers!
The Cockatiel Ring: Over 150 sites dedicated to Cockatiels & their well being!
Avian Enthusiasts Ring: Nearly 70 sites for our Feathered Friends of all types!
Avian Friends: More Bird Lovers and their little tweets of a feather!
Ring of Bird Buddies: Isn't it great that there are so many great sites for our Birds?
Pat's Parrolet Page: Sooo Cute! Virgil wants to date one of them!
The Love Bird Ring: These are popular, sweet little guys. Check'em out!
Bird Breeders Ring: A great place to find the breed best suited for your home!

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