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We have tried to present very special links to a variety
of quality animal sites including
Environmental Sites, Tranining & Care,
Shelters & Adoption Info
and resources for Responsible Pet Ownership

  • Make Peace with Animals : Greyhound Adoption & Info - right here in New Hope.

  • Bird Placement Program : Please visit Dottie & her angels in need of a home.
    She rescues unwanted birds & lost dogs about to have puppies.
    Exceptional site w/education, stories & much more. One of Pooky's favorite site picks!

  • Canines.Com World of Dogs : Excellent! Training, Behavior, Greyhound Adoption Info,
    "American Foundation for Animal Rescue" & much more. Please visit this exceptional site.

  • Pennsylvania Pet Net - Total Info Source : Animal adventures, orphans, pet horoscopes - LOADED!!

  • Pet Finder Dir. of Homeless Pets : Type your zip (even New Hope & Lambertville areas)
    and find a shelter near you. Lots of wonderful information here, worth the stop so please visit!

  • The 4-H Council : 4-H listings, information & activities.

  • Cyber Tiger: National Geographic Kids - "Tigers"

  • Cyber Ark: Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Dolphins, animal search engine.

  • Border Collie Rescue: Learn about Border Collies, rescue stories & more ...

  • The Bear Den: Education on all types of bears & for humans who care. Excellent site.

  • Chihuahua Kingdom: 100 lbs of fun & education for a 3lb. pooch! Oy Chihuahua!

  • Elephant Conservation Center: Ringling Bros. site with trunks of Elephant info.

  • Elephant Repository: Another trunk full of tales, conservation & pachyderm fun & education!

  • A Breed Apart: Greyhounds are wonderful! Stories, health, links & more Greyhound "stuff".

  • Best Paw Forward: Excellent Animal & Rescue links, tons of information & lots more!

  • Twyla's Friends-Canine Rescue: A volunteer rescue group in Texas with a lot of
    wonderful information, stories, & more. One of Pooky's favorites!

  • FEMA /Pet Emergencies: How to prepare & what to do for your angels in a disaster or emergency!!!

  • The World Wildlife Fund: A window into our planet, our creatures and what
    the future could & should bring if we ...?

  • Denver Dog: Meet this very furry bundle of rescued joy!

  • Magnolia Pet Hosptal & Bird Center: Behavior info & you can ask the Doc yourself ...

  • Dog Decision Guide: Interactive guide to the best breed & personality for your home & lifestyle.

  • The Pet Channel: Rescue database, stories, education & more!

  • Brigitte & Niilo's Page: Tons of animal welfare info, training, recues & more.

  • The Denver Zoo: Check out these Party Animals!

  • The Electronic Zoo: All kinds of animals & their care. Terrific site for all interests!

  • A Barker's Dozen: A yummy Dog Biscuit Bakery site. Sink yer teeth into this one!

  • The Dog Patch Dog House: bowWOW! Breeds, activities, humor, care, training & more!!

  • Turtle's Page (he's a cool cat with friends): Resources, stories, great links & some surprises!

  • Raccoonotter Home Page: Too cute! Raccoons & Otters, pics and furry fun!!

  • Artisitc Products For Pet Lovers: Pet Portraits, collectables, jewelry, books & more!

  • Super Dog Pet Training: What every dog knows, or should! Excellent site.

  • Tame The Beast: Lots of info & links for varied interests.

  • Atomic Dawg House: Have a Blast! Really Cool Site!!

  • Francis's Dog House: Rescue, Rollerblading, Stories & fun! Excellent site.

  • Pet Place: Shelters, articles, dogs, cats, birds & more!

  • Christy's Critters & Conservation Corner: Animals of the world - sounds, info & wonderful animals.

  • Tale Waggers: Stories for "dog people" & more! Wonderful!!

  • Action Cat - Speak Out For Animals: Dedicated to cruelty prevention, legislative alerts, & links.

  • Kathy Johnson - Birds & More: If you love feathered friends, fly here!

  • Canine Connections - Breed Info: Articles, rescue, help & more! Click B-4-U-Pick a Breed.

  • Maddie The Lakeland Mad Dog Terrier: Maddie's life, stories, photos & more!

  • Earthkeeper Hero: "Jacques Cousteau contributed more to the common manís understanding
    of the oceans than almost any other man who has ever lived."

  • The Jane Goodall Center: Personally, I have the highest respect & appreciation for Ms. Goodall
    because of her lifetime commitment to research, conservation efforts, education & dedication
    to the world of animals & primates.

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