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New Hope Eagle Fire Company
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New Hope Eagle Fire Company
This site was not available to be updated since November 2000
but thanks to Tripod's help,

Our pages will be updated as time goes on. Thank you for staying
with us and coming back for another visit!
Some of our old pages are gone, others will be re-done.

September 2001

ladder 46
our hover craft

The Eagle is an all Volunteer Fire Company in New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
We are located on US Rt. 202 & Sugan Road
PHONE: 215-862-2692 ... FAX: 215-862-6832


Please E-Mail or call us at 215-862-2692 to:

  • Speak with a Firefighter about Firefighter, Jr. Firefighter (14 & up)
    & Fire Police Opportunities & Training -

  • Learn about our FUNdraising, Event, Auxiliary
    and Member Volunteer opportunities -

  • Arrange a Tour / Visit of our Fire Company -

  • Discuss Fire Safety Education for your home, children, school or group -

  • Donate or Contribute items or funds to help maintain our all Volunteer FC.
    Donations help purchase fire apparatus and the tools and clothing needed to fight fires. -

    The Eagle Volunteers Thank You For Visiting With Us!

    Fire Safety Tips for You and Your Family

  • Install and maintain Smoke Detectors & multi purpose Fire Extinguishers.
  • Install a chimney spark arrestor to prevent roof fires.
  • Practice a home fire escape plan. Be sure Everyone knows what it is
    including overnight house guests!
  • Keep lighters and matches far out of the reach of children.
  • Show babysitters emergency numbers, exits, flashlights & where all the phones are.
  • Be fire smart, practice fire safety. Teach children 911 & what it is for.
    A working smoke detector will usually give you about three minutes
    to evacuate your home. If it is not working, you have no warning and could cost lives.
    Take a minute TODAY to make sure your smoke detector works!

  • Know Bar-B-Q & Grill Safety before you light-up!

    * Bringing accurate and timely fireplace, woodstove, fire safety and
    chimney information to your e-mail box about once per month.

    Area Weather & Status Info
    PA Dept. of Environmental Protection Commonwealth News Bureau
    Water Supply and Regulation/Flash Flood Guidance Information
    Local Stormfax Weather Services
    NJ Soil and Water Conservation Society
    The Delaware River Guide

    CPSC, Distributors Announce Recall of
    "FIRE CAP" Fire and Smoke Suppressants

    We have tried to select the most informative, educational & safe sites
    for teens & children. However, we suggest these sites still be viewed with supervision
    and you will inform us if you find something you feel is inappropriate in our site links.

  • Sparkey The Fire Dog: Interactive site with lots of neat stuff like Fire Trucks & Dalmatians!
  • FEMA For Kids: With Parent - Teacher Guide
  • Smokey The Bear: Interactive Learning with games & fun!
  • National Safe Kids: Safety info from Uncle Sam & lots more for parents.
  • Eddie the Engine
  • LEARN HOW TO BE SAFE : Fighting Fires And Saving Lives Through Music
  • Pennsylvania State Police Kids Zone
  • NYS Department of State Fire & Safety for Kids
  • Traffic Safety Kids Page : With lots of safety links!
  • Stay Alert - Stay Safe : Street & Web safety
  • SafeTeens.Com Home Page : And Safe Safe Online!
  • Ride Safe : Bicycle Safety
  • McGruff: He's that Crime Dog who teaches kids like you how to be safe and healthy!
  • KIDS' LIGHTNING INFO: Can you tell when lightning may be about to strike you or your dog?
  • Kids Fireworks Safety : Junior Fire Marshal Quiz/earn a Junior Fire Marshal Certificate.
  • A Fire Safety Site : Lots here for student, parents and teachers.
  • Elmo Meets a Firefighter! : Sesame Street Fire Safety
  • Do You Know What to Do? : If there is a fire here's what to know.

    Make it all year round w/this excellent site for home/holiday safety & planning.

  • County of Bucks Haz-Mat Response
  • Fire Emergency Services Portal for firefighters, rescue, ems, emergency management and hazmat. professionals.
  • New Jersey Firefighters on Line: Proud to be their neighbors!
  • Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association
  • Bucks County Community College Fire Training Center
  • Neighboring PA & NJ Fire/EMS Homepages: for Bucks, Montgomery, Hunterton & Mercer Counties.
  • National Council on Fireworks Safety
  • USDA Forest Service
  • The American Red Cross
  • Volunteer Opportunities in Cyberspace
  • NAFED, National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
  • Bucks/Montgomery County Emergency Service Equipment
  • Rusty Bucket Volunteer Fire Company :Arizona Territorial Chapter of SPAAMFAA
       Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America

  • The Toads Pad: Excellent Fire Fighting History & more! Hop on over.
  • Fire House Museum: Lots of photos with firefighting history.
  • NFPA-National Fire Protection Association: Tons of Links, fire safety info & more.
  • USFA - United States Fire Administration: Public Education, Recalls, & good information.
  • Keystone Chapter Fire Service Instructors
  • National Association of EMS Educators

    "National Volunteer Fire Council"
    This is a vital source of current information & education for all Firefighters
    & for anyone who wants to understand the issues facing volunteers today ...
    I urge you to please visit this site.

    Don't miss their discussion forum! If you are a PA firefighter, you will like this site!!

    Possibly the largest, most current & informative place for Firefighter news from coast to coast.

    Big Daddy of USA Fire Company Listings, Message Board Postings & info!


    GRANT WRITING That Get Results
    THE IDEA BANK - private grants are going to fire departments every day.
    Grants help to pay for equipment, new facilities, training, public education, research,
    and special projects. To be successful, you need the right tools and skills...
    That's what you'll get at this workshop. Here are the cities where this program will be held.
    *Our fire company hosted this great course in Nov 2000!
    Marine 46, our Swift Water Rescue Hover Craft and a
    Thermal Imager was obtained through grant money.

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